ProPlan International Ltd offers a 'hands-on' approach unlike anyone else. This ensures customers get a personal service, with each and every quotation and order dealt with. This is managed down to the smallest detail. By asking the right questions we provide the right solutions and products.

Our business concept is to collaborate with the best manufacturers and distributors there are. By doing so, we can be sure that our customers always get a prompt and efficient service – something everyone should expect.

Together with our partners, ProPlan International is involved with projects from beginning to completion. This provides customers with the benefit of our comprehensive business experience and skills. We maintain contact between our customers and the manufacturers to ensure that quality and deadlines are as agreed.

We do not see ourselves as a middleman. We offer a 'holistic' business approach. When you place an order we take full control from start to delivery at site.

At ProPlan International Ltd we see our business liaisons as partners. We don't feel it right to classify any
of them as 'customers' or 'suppliers' - for that they are all too valuable.

ProPlan International Ltd – the partner you can trust!

1A Cobham Mews
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United Kingdom

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ProPlan International Ltd is a London based company specialising in new product introductions, sourcing and the procurement of industrial products used by manufacturers, maintenance companies and consultancy companies. 

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